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Where is Time?

We are at a historic choice point between the robotic 'automatic-ness' of humanity and awareness of our own being.  Right now technology is only being viewed in a dualistic manner - as either constructive or destructive.  But there is a 3rd way of viewing technology that can be used as motivation to 'wake-up' to a greater awareness... 

 The trans-humanists are highlighting one side of technology... this blog is highlighting an alternative view of technology that neither praises it nor condems it... it merely points to what it truly is... and the awareness of 'what it truly is'... is the ultimate message of technology.


"We have never encountered poor engineering in nature" --Albrecht-Buehler

 This following is from an article I wrote for Daniel Pinchbeck's website 'Reality Sandwich' called 'Where is Time?'.   It's about 'time'... and 'timelessness'... and about technology's ultimate message to humanity.

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"As it turns out, the brain and I had not been on speaking terms for some years now for I had been singing the praises of 'energy' to anyone who would listen. Any mention of anything thicker than a nadi was dismissed in my steel trapped mind as an artifact of the primary subtle source code and as such, an irrelevant distraction -- not worthy of my valuable time. But here was something that hit home in a way that I couldn't dismiss... I mean this was engineering... or more accurately, reverse engineering.  It was right in my under educated wheelhouse, in a language I could relate to. Suddenly, in my mind, the brain had been 'elevated' somehow.  No longer so easily dismissed, it was now an 'organ of respect!' -- an unbelievably sophisticated and counterintuitive bio-electric genius, its underlying mechanism having gone under reported in an otherwise 'Big-Pharma's' field.    And it had been doing a 'rope a dope' -- with noise! the scourge of the electronics world, right 'under' my nose the whole time... Damn!  I was impressed!"

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======================= Afterword =========================

Nature 'does nothing for no reason'... so to speak.  Its no mistake that our bodies are composed of semiconductors... the same as our 'automatic' technology.   The only antidote to the automatic aspect of our experience is to detach from it... as in recognizing ones own being... which is outside of 'outside' influences that drive the 'automatic' , IE unconscious person.

'The 'person' is not immortal... only being is immortal.

The 'cloud' of noise in the brain is the subconscious mind manifesting, that 'drives' the automatonic 'person'.   The greater 'noise' that is the source of intuition is not a problem... as it informs the individual, outside of 'time'... of that which it can't 'see'.

Being is the alternative to the programmable 'automatic-ness'  of the separate person.  The human body mind, as it is, has the potential to awaken to being... with great effort... because it is designed to handle the subtle energies of the mind.  Although technology may relieve suffering for some individuals (that is an inevitable and useful application) consciously adding inflexible,'automatic' technology, as a choice, to the body... or consciously substituting technology for the body does nothing to alleviate the individual from this 'automatic-ness'... and only 'doubles down' on this 'automatic-ness'... as adding technology to the body inevitably disrupts the flow - and thus the balance and flexibility - of this 'subtle mind'. 

Technology is a 'mirror'... reflecting back to us the nature of the perpetual dilemma of 'automatic-ness inherent in the separate 'person'.  Consciously adding technology to the body is like adding a mirror... to a hall of mirrors.

Automation is not the answer to 'automatic-ness'.

It's just common sense.


Time... endless time...
no excuse.
Long train running... no caboose!
Thought not the problem... attention the key.
Un-trained attention... running over me!
Retraction of attention from report card on I
produces space... endless space...
for train of whole new dimension!

(NOTE: for another view of 'noise' see another article by this author called "Who Needs the Higgs" linked below)

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